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Carbon Casca

Motebang Mokheleli (born May 29, 1993), professionally known as Carbon Casca or Carbon Beatz, is the Lesotho based record producer, beat maker, songwriter and entrepreneur. In 2014, Carbon gained national recognition within the Lesotho hip hop community for producing Boka's single "Jealousy" & Atomic Wolf's "Moraba-raba", which got a placement on the neighbouring country's radio station "Lesedi FM", the same year (2014) he established his own independent record label "Carbon Beats Entertainment". He released his first studio album The Hornet 2 in October 2017 followed by Pleasure & Pain in June 2018. He is also an occasional rapper & session artist under the alias Raptorr

Birth name 
Motebang J Mokheleli
May 29, 1993 
Thabong, Maseru, Lesotho 
Hip Hop, Trap, Drill, Pop, Reggae & R&B 
Record producer, Rapper, Mixing And Mastering Engineer 
FL Studio, Ableton Live 
Years active 
CBE Records (Carbon Beats Entertainment Records) 
Associated acts 
Atomic Wolf, Robocop, Lilaphalapha, L-Tore, Lil Koola, Randy Slic, Mkv Mkhonyovu, Young Black, Davonia, TaBBz, Leslie Carron

Artists worked with excluding Signees (see CBE Records)

And Many More. . . 


  • 2015 Ultimate Music Awards Best Producer Nominee  
  • 2016 Ultimate Music Awards Best Compilation Nominee

Carbon Casca is a Maseru-based Lesotho Hip-Hop/R&B Record producer, songwriter, and recording engineer, also known as Carbon Beatz or the Mountain Kingdom Record Producer. 


Carbon Casca was born Motebang Mokheleli, May 29, 1993. Carbon started doing music back in 2009 with his high school friend (Bokang “Boka” Pitso) and two neighborhood friends (Atang “P.Jee”Ntoi) & (Molefeng “Dr Elliot” Moalosi) under a crew named Mic Droppers (Three other artists were Namane "Piddy J" 'Mabathoana, Ramafonase “Ram G” Serati & Neo “Alg3brah (Axo-Mind)” Ncheka. The come-up was harder because he had no mentor, inspired by Scott Storch & Dr. Dre he started creating beats from the ground using FL Studio DAW and recording companion’s vocals with windows sound recorder. 

The development of his unique style with time got him closer to his dreams; later in 2012 Carbon broke from Mic Droppers and later formed his own record label in 2014 “Carbon Beats Entertainment” (CBE). Carbon first came relevancy in 2013 after releasing Producing two songs by his two former companions “White Paper Black Pen” by Boka and “Kill Em Dead “by Boka featuring Axo-mind. 2013 dropped out of college (Lerothothi Polytechnic) after 3 years in college, to pursue his dreams of being a record producer. 

Carbon Beats Entertainment ( 2014 - ) 

Early 2014, he worked with his signee “Atomic Wolf” on a song named “Morabaraba” (One of Basotho’s old games), the track’s positive feedback was marked as Casca’s true come up because it played on almost every radio in Lesotho and even got on song competitions on Lesedi FM(In South Africa). Carbon’s unique production style fueled his career from a no-body to everyone’s favorite Lesotho Hip-Hop producer. As part of Lesotho’s music industry, Carbon was given chance to tour with LNBS(Lesotho National Broadcasting Services) to Leribe District (woodpecker night club) along with artists like Stlofa, Skebz D, T Mech, Rifle 3 Shots, Atomic Wolf, Megahertz and many more. In 2014 his record lable “CBE” signed new artists and kept growing and gaining relevancy with time, CBE signees then(2014) included (Atomic Wolf, P.Jee, Omali Themba,Tirant, Dazy, Mercury23, Hour & Reegy)and current signees (2017) are (Ashley,DWS, Naam & Mercury23), CBE Records is currently under Piddy J's Management.

The development of his unique style and utilization of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter got him more and more recognized both in Lesotho and internationally. later 2015 Casca created an international rap crew with“Anoly” (Denmark), “MJD” (Denmark), Golli(London) And Thugg Dogg (Germany). The same year he released Boka’s three year Album (2013-2015), “No Conscience” which featured 3 hits that played over 2 years both on Radio and national TV (Punchlines Similes and Metaphors, Ts’enola and Nex). 

In 2016 Carbon released his first mixtape “The Hornet 1” which featured both Local artists and international acts (Lesotho: Boka, K-Otic, SepDz, Nirex, Pasco Dollar, Fweshking and Omali Themba. USA: Tyler Sharks, Jay Mike and TiddyDaGreat. Denmark: Susan and MJD). The same year he and Boka created “Unlocked” movement, which acts both as a business, rap-producer crew,record label and Mixtape Series. The Unlocked 1 mixtape was later nominated and got into the top 3 category on The Ultimate Music Awards. The Unlocked 1 (By Boka) Mixtape featured (Deezy, LTweety, Tash and Amylice) and was Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carbon Casca. The same year  Carbon Casca worked on an EP by Seth Singer with featured South Africa's well known Artist Emtee and producer Ruff along with Botswana and South african Producers.

2017 Carbon Casca released two producer x artist mixtapes, “Unlocked 2” mixtape in collaboration with Boka which featured no other artists and 2 “Tao Tash” featuring Lesotho’s vocalist Tash. “The Hornet 2” Studio Album released [1-October-2017] and featured both Local and international acts (Lesotho: Yung Skuly, Omali Themba, Robocop, Boka, Tash, Amylice, Ashley Carbon Casca & Naam. South Africa: MKV, Tlhase, Charlie and Maffika. Botswana: Young Black, Koola and Randy Slick. Denmark: Anoly and MJD). 
Carbon Casca later (2017) worked with Robocop & Lilaphalapha (Lesotho’s well-known comedian) on a track named Lilaphalapha as to boost and hype his album’s release which is also featured as a bonus track on The Hornet 2. 


Boka – No Conscience (Album, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 16-February-2015. Genre: Reggae) 

Monsier Gunjah – Lot’a Fire (Album, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 22-September-2015. Genre: Reggae) 

Carbon Casca – The Hornet 1 (Mixtape, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 16-January-2016. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Boka x Carbon – Unlocked (Mixtape, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 22-July-2016. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Boka x Carbon – Unlocked 2 (Mixtape, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 9-March-2017. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Black Tash – Tao Tash EP, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 1-June-2017. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Carbon Casca – The Hornet 2 (Mixtape, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 1-October-2017. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Carbon Casca – Protect Your Privacy (EP, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 27-April-2018. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Carbon Casca – Lost It All (Mixtape, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 21-May-2018. Genre: Hip-Hop) 

Carbon Casca –Pleasure & Pain (Studio Album, Role: Produced all tracks. Released: 15 - June - 2018. Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B)