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CBE Records Studio LLC

Physical Location : Thabong Maseru, along BEDCO road, near Mdlokovane Tyres.

Postal Box : P.O. Box 14087

Tel/Whatsapp : +26659166891 / +26668671624 / +27 635894819

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Our Most Recent Project

Produced, Mixed & Mastered By Carbon Casca

Mixing and mastering


Mixing is the process of taking all the raw audio material and recordings and shaping them into a finished sounding song by technically making the recordings sound as good as possible. This process includes balancing the volume of each individual element and the mix as a whole, balancing the frequencies, processing the recording with compression, reverbs, delays and much more. 


Mastering is the process of creating the master copy of a record from which all other replications will be made. During this process the engineer will focus on sweetening the record and processing the song/album to make it the best version it can be. 

If you’re interested in having us mix and master your next song/album please contact us below and be as specific as you can about your project, so that i can determine whether or not we’re the right choice and what the costs for our work are going to be.

Custom Beats (Tailored Sound Just For You)

If you want a beat that 

  • Nobody ever leased before 
  • Nobody ever heard before 
  • Nobody else will ever have

 Send the recorded sample to

Microphones In Use

Microphones In Use